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Strategic Planning – Top Reasons to Develop a Strategic Plan

Posted by lois on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 | trackback

Strategic planning can save the organization resources.  The second reason to

"When you say 'I will' with conviction, magic begins to happen." Wally Amos

“When you say ‘I will’ with conviction, magic begins to happen.” Wally Amos

develop a strategic plan is to save the organization resources including time, labor and money (time and labor translate into money).  Saving resources directly impacts the bottom line and isn’t that why companies are in business?  Even non-profits can do more good if they have more money to work with.  When an organization knows where it is going, resources such as time, labor and money etc. will not be directed at projects that are not taking the organization where it needs to go.  It will eliminate the “that didn’t work, let’s try this” mentality where one idea after another is tried until maybe something works or until all the capital is used up and the organization folds.  Even in the organization that something eventually works, a lot of the resources are wasted in the process.  Throwing money into a project and hoping something works is never a good idea.  Strategic planning only makes sense (cents).

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