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Heartland Trail Strategy: Create a Strategic Plan – Achieve Your Vision

Posted by lois on Friday, June 21st, 2013 | trackback
Heartland Trail - Future Route

Heartland Trail – Future Route

The Heartland State Trail, which was legislatively authorized in 1974, is one of the oldest rail-trails in Minnesota.  In 2006 the Heartland State Trail Extension was legislatively authorized.  For years I remember the trail running through Park Rapids and I knew it followed an old train track.  Many of my friends would take their bikes and ride the trails.  I didn’t ride with them since I had very small children.  Now, all these years later, I am excited that the trail will eventually go very near to my area.  There are parts of the Heartland Trail that are completed, parts that are being worked on, and parts yet to be started.

The exciting thing is that it all started with an idea.  A group of people spent much time developing a vision and strategy for the Heartland State Trail Extension – Park Rapids to Moorhead Master Plan.  You can read the 115-page pdf document on line at: http://archive.leg.state.mn.us/docs/2011/mandated/110592.pdf.


This visionary team knew that this would be a very comprehensive and long project.  They also knew that if they didn’t start it then nothing would happen.  The crazy thing is that time keeps going on whether or not a project is completed.  When I went back to school to get my Masters degree I knew it might take me 10 years.  I also knew 10 years would happen whether or not I got my degree.  


It is fun to see some of the future heartland trail system coming together. Last year I did quite a bit of rollerblading in front of the Holiday Inn in Detroit Lakes, MN.  I was blading on the Heartland Trail.  To the east of Detroit Lakes we have had road construction for the last 2 to 3 weeks.  They are creating a box tunnel that goes under the highway in which bikes and snowmobiles can go through as they are riding the Heartland Trail.  That portion of the trail will extend from Detroit Lakes to Frazee.  Little by little the Heartland Trail is being pieced together.  Eventually, it will run from Cass Lake all the way to Moorhead, Minnesota.  


Now, let me ask you what your plans are for your future?  What would you like to accomplish?  What do you want to achieve?  Where would you like to travel?  Create your vision and then start developing your strategic plan by breaking the overwhelming task into manageable pieces. Decide what needs to happen this year and next year and so on. Eventually you can achieve anything you want by staying focused on your plan and doing something, even if it is very small, daily.  If you need help, please let me know.  Time keeps marching on; don’t wait any longer to create the future you want.  Get in touch with me now.  Also post your comments below and if you liked this post, please share it with a friend.


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