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Are You Doing These 7 Keys to Success? Key Number 5

Posted by lois on Friday, July 12th, 2013 | trackback
Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Stay focused – keep the main thing the main thing


As mentioned in previous blog posts, key number one in the seven keys to success, was to know where you are going.  Key number two was to develop a plan to get there.  Key number three: implement the plan and key number four was to monitor the plan.  Today we will discuss key number 5, which is to stay, focused.  Stay focused by keeping the main thing the main thing.  That might seem like an easy thing to do, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.


I see a lot of clients that aren’t sure where they’re going.  If they’re having difficulty they may have a tendency to jump from one idea or project to another hoping that something sticks.  So it’s important to know where you’re going and then stay focused on the vision.  Have your vision posted someplace so you can look at it every single day.  Keep it in front of you so your mind can stay focused on it.  


Our minds have a tendency to wander and one thought will spark another thought and so on and so on.  That’s why they call them trains of thought.  Stay focused and keep the main thing the main thing.  Find your niche in your target market and stick to it. Don’t give up and when you have finally mastered that, then you can add something new; but not until you have it running like a well oiled machine.  If you try to do too many things at once you won’t master any of them.  Become the best in your field by staying focused on the main thing.  Let’s look at an example on a smaller scale.  Sally starts a home based business…let’s say she becomes a Mary Kay Consultant.  She starts off with a bang, but six months into her career, she is not happy with her results and someone convinces her to start another home-based business.  She starts selling jewelry, thinking that she will double her income with two businesses.  A couple of things happen.  First, some of her customers become confused.  They think that Sally is no longer selling Mary Kay and they order their re-order product from another consultant.  Second, Sally’s mind becomes confused and she doesn’t know which business to discuss with different people she meets so she doesn’t talk about either of them.  Sally becomes disheartened when her sales actually drop and she quits both and goes back to work in someone else’s business giving up her dream to be self employed.


I talk about the importance of having a strategy for your business.  Keep that strategy in front of you.  Stay focused and keep the main thing the main thing.  This is step 5 in my 7 keys to success.  Are you as successful as you want to be?  Please contact me if you want to learn more or would like some help.


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