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7 Keys to Success – Success Key Number 4

Posted by lois on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 | trackback
If you have a strategy, as in the top graph but execute as in the bottom line, you are missing much opportunity.

If you have a strategy, as in the top graph but execute as in the bottom line, you are missing much opportunity.

Monitor your plan

Key number one in the seven keys to success, is to know where you are going.  Key number two is to develop a plan to get there.  Key number three is to implement the plan and key number four is to monitor your plan.

Monitor the plan.  Once you have figured out where you’re going, have developed a plan to get there and have implemented the plan; you must monitor the progress to be sure you stay on track.  You should have a hopeful heart but a watchful eye to make sure that nothing goes awry with your plan.

Things can happen along the way so you monitor.  If issues crop up to start taking you off course you can readjust and get going back in the right direction.  Monitoring can make you aware when the plan just starts to drift so that you don’t have to take huge steps to get it back on course.  Minor adjustments are all it will take.

It’s kind of like burning a brushfire.  You keep a watchful eye as you burn your pile of brush so that it doesn’t get out of control and end up being a forest fire that is out of control.  You take precautions before you start.  You make sure there are no burn bans in place due to dry conditions.  You make sure the wind is low so it won’t blow the fire out of control.  You have a water supply (garden hose) so that you can put out any stray sparks that emerge.  When you ignite your fire, you monitor it and take action if need be.

Another example is when a contractor builds a house.  He has a blueprint that he follows and a certain way he goes about constructing the building. He keeps a close eye on construction and if some needed materials do not arrive on time, he can change his course and tweak his plan and actions to accommodate the lack of supplies. That way construction keeps on even though it goes in a little different direction temporarily.  When the supplies arrive, he can adjust the plan to go back and finish the project.

Life happens on a daily basis and issues can crop up to derail your plan so keep an eye on progress.   Keep a hopeful heart and a watchful eye.

I talk about the importance of having a strategy for your business.  This is step 4 in my 7 keys to success.  Are you as successful as you want to be?  Please contact me if you want to learn more or would like some help.

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