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Execution Management

Execution management is different than performance management. Execution is the act of doing something, and when you manage execution, you’re focused on managing an act rather than a result. That’s not to say that execution management is or should be about micro-management – far from it. But shouldn’t management be about leading, guiding, and motivating people to greatness rather than simply judging them at the end?

Execution management is the key to successful organizational performance, but strategy-driven execution management is the key to organizational greatness. It’s not enough to manage the execution of individuals in an organization; rather, individuals’ activities need to be driven by the organization’s strategy and goals. Just as the individual football players’ activities are driven by the team’s, management’s, and owner’s goals, so must individual employees’ activities be driven by higher-level goals and strategies.

Unfortunately, many companies realize that they need a strategy by which to operate.  They invest the time and money to do so and then they forget about it only to remember it toward the end of the year.  The following graph shows the execution value gap for those companies.  Execution management is critical to great results.

Unlike performance management, execution management is owned by senior executives. It starts with defining the strategy and continues with operationalizing it. While the purpose of performance management is to determine how well employees are performing for succession planning, merit raises, and the like, the purpose of execution management is to successfully carry out the strategic plan in order to realize the organization’s vision. Because strategic plans are identified at the highest levels in an organization, execution management is the ultimate responsibility of the executive team. Performance management, on the other hand, is typically the ultimate responsibility of HR.

At Eagle Associates, we utilize the Keyne method of execution management that is supported by software. Call us and let us help you make execution management of your strategic plan a competency within your organization.