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Meet Lois Greisen, Executive Coach and President/Owner of Eagle Associates. Lois is a Certified Business Coach with over 25 years of management experience.

Corporate Coaching

At Eagle Associates, our focus is on results. Look at the model below. Everything should drive toward your Vision (1). When you know the Results you are looking for in a certain time period (2), then your Strategy (3) on how to get there can be developed. Are your people (4) on board? Do they need to develop as your company develops? Are they working toward your results or do they have their own agenda? And finally, are your operations (5) moving you in the right direction? Eagle Associates can help with all or any part of the alignment of your organization to help you achieve results and improve your bottom line.

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Is your business development going in the direction you want or do any of these apply?

*Managers are not on the same page

*Not happy with growth

*Leadership team is frustrated

*Starting a new business

*Overwhelmed – we don’t know what to do first

*Business moving to the next level

*High staff or department turnover

*Need to develop leadership skills

*Need to enhance current leadership skills

*Communication issues

*Promote from within and need new skills

*Poor time organization skills


*Company making changes-employee morale is low

*Need to develop company Vision, Mission, & Core Values

*Need to develop a strategic plan

*Problems withexecution management of strategic plan

*Problem employee/employees

If any of the above apply to your company, we can help! We can help develop your business by developing one of your biggest resources; your human resources from your management and leadership teams to the employees they lead. Having a business coach can help your company achieve more and improve profits.

An example of how coaching can work is that, working with a company, we facilitate development of a strategic plan, take key players through a leadership development program tailored to their needs and get everyone “on the same page,” then follow up with one-on-one coaching with the senior executive to make execution management of the strategic plan a competency within the organization. The focus is on results. We can custom tailor the program that is right for you. Contact us to learn more.