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05 Nov
4 Reasons to Develop a Strategic Plan
Posted by lois on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 | permalink | trackback
Strategy Can Help Business and the Team Stay Focused

Strategy Can Help Business and the Team Stay Focused

Business Strategy – Heart of the Business

A good strategic plan can propel a business to be even more successful. Over 90% of success stories in business are attributable to a good strategy. There are a number of reasons that make the strategy the heart of the business.  Let’s look at four of them

1.  Helps in crisis prediction and prevention.  Many businesses end up losing equity or ultimately collapsing in the face of a crisis. A good business strategy is key in ensuring that crises are predicted before hand and prevented before occurring. For example, a good strategy defines the cause of action in case of raw material shortage. This ensures that the business does not go into crisis mode when the shortage occurs.  Strategy is a key to combating a host of organizational challenges.  Take time to develop your strategic plan.

2.  Acts as a reference point – A good business strategy also acts in the interest of the business whereby it acts as a point of reference. A good strategy gives the management and the workforce as a whole a sense of direction toward the accomplishment of set goals. This is crucial in building teamwork as well as ensuring that the whole organization’s labor force works towards achievement of common objectives.  Look at where you are today and strategize where you want to be in the future.  Strategic planning can help you get you there.

3.  Efficient resource utilization – One of the main causes of organization failure is the misappropriation of resources including time, money and supplies. Resources may be directed in a multitude of projects. A good strategy enables the right resources to the right projects by clearly outlining which projects will move the company in the right direction.  This reduces inefficient resource utilization.  It is too costly not to have a strategy in place.

4.  Customer attraction and retention – Businesses exist as a result of their customers. Customers are a very important element of the business and they need to be constantly attracted and retained. A good business strategy has in place customer attraction techniques as well as guides on how the organization can retain these customers. Without a good strategy, the business is likely to under perform and is at the risk of losing it customers to its competitors.

In conclusion, it is important that your business has a well-laid strategy in order to ensure that the business survives and thrives its challenges into the future.  A good business strategy is responsible for profits and loss prevention.  Schedule your strategy session.  Contact me today.

06 May
Are You Doing These 7 Keys to Success? Key Number 7
Posted by lois on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 | permalink | trackback
Keep On Keeping On

Keep On Keeping On

As mentioned in previous blog posts, key number one in the seven keys to success, was to know where you are going.  Key number two was to develop a plan to get there.  Key number three was to implement the plan, key number four was to monitor the plan, key number 5 was to stay focused and key number 6 was to fail forward.  Today we will discuss key number 7, which is to never give up – keep on keeping on.

The 7th key in my seven keys to success is to never give up – keep on keeping on.  In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says:  ”The majority of people are ready to throw their aims and purposes overboard and give up at the first sign of opposition or misfortune.  A few carry on despite all opposition until they attain their goal. These few are the Fords, Carnegies, Rockefellers, Edisons, and other outstanding achievers of the world.”  Many times we spend hours doing things like watching TV, playing games such as Candy Crush, reading posts on Facebook, shopping on the Internet or other activities that really aren’t very important to our lives and that will not help move us in the direction that we want to go. When we realize how much time we waste doing time-consuming activities that are not taking us in the direction we want to go, we can make better choices and pursue our goals. It’s easy to take instant gratification at the expense of our long-term goals. Persistence is the key to success.  If you do the right things every single day you will be successful. The key is to be persistent. Don’t give up.

I remember reading a book about a person who wanted to write for a living. Several years out of college, the individual realized that he had not written a single book. He realized that if he had written one page every single day he would’ve written several books. Little things add up. I also remember listening to an audio CD in which the person posted a sign in her office that read:  “You don’t have to do this the rest of your life; you do have to do it today!” So start with little daily actions and never give up – keep on keeping on.

If you need help holding you accountable with your actions contact me. Do it now as your first small action.