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Meet Lois Greisen, Executive Coach and President/Owner of Eagle Associates. Lois is a Certified Business Coach with over 25 years of management experience.


Need help with assessing your organization or individuals? Eagle Associates can help. Lois utilizes D.I.A.L.O.G. (Data Indicators ALigning Organizational Goals), a comprehensive organizational profile and is a Certified Professional in InnerMetrix’s Attribute Index, DISC and Values Personal Profiles.

Organizational assessments are a great tool to use prior to developing the organizations strategic plan.

Personal assessments are a great tool to use to determine an individuals talents and non-talents.  The key is to capitalize on our talents and minimize our non-talents by developing a plan of action.  Personal assessments are also a great tool for team building and are useful in the employee selection process.

Eagle Associates Uses InnerMetrix Personal Profiles

Research conducted by InnerMetrix shows that the most successful people share the common traits of self-awareness and authenticity. They recognize the situations that will make them successful, and this makes it easy for them to find ways of achieving objectives that fit their behavioral style. They also understand their limitations and where they are not effective and this helps them understand where not to go or how not to be as well. Those who understand their natural preferences are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities, in the right way, at the right time, and get the results they desire.  They know what their talents are and what their non-talents are and when working with a team they are able to maximize their talents and minimize their non-talents by deferring to someone on the team who has a talent in that particular area.

This InnerMetrix ADVanced Insights Profile combines the best of three world-class profiles. The Attribute Index measures how you think and make decisions. The Values Index measures motivational style and drivers and the DISC Index measures preferred Behavioral style. Together they create WHAT, WHY and HOW (i.e., What natural talents do you have, Why are you motivated to use them and How do you prefer to use them.)

ADVanced Insights will help identify entrepreneurs, risk takers, creative types – as well as the risk averse, cautious and compliant types. Identifying natural talents (and non talents or neurological blind spots) can help form a cohesive and consistent decision-making process for the team. Understanding motivators can help the team understand better what drives their decisions and choices.

Any one of the three profiles could reveal valuable key insights about the team or individuals. However, the key insights will not all be in one instrument. Behavioral insights (DISC) are always valuable in a team, motivational insights (Values) have to be relevant, and picking out attributes from the AI that are key to entrepreneurial and creativity tendencies will reveal yet more.

The team debrief for ADVanced Insights includes team and individual sessions along with an overall debriefing document that summarizes the results from all 3 profiles for all team members so the team may understand each other better and thus be more effective.

Why Use Eagle Associates InnerMetrix Profiles?

The DISC (and Values) Index report is unique in the marketplace for a number of reasons. It is the first ever click & drag DISC instrument on the market. It was constructed in a precise manner to allow for ease of responses, even in the midst of many difficult decisions. This intuitive interface allows the participant to focus on their answers, not the process.  In addition, the instruments contain the most contemporary list of statements to make choices more relevant to life today, which helps ensure the most accurate results, possible.

Also, unlike other DISC (and Values) instruments, InnerMetrix allows the user to rank all four items instead. As a result, this instrument produces zero waste in responses. Some instruments ask the person to choose two items out of four, and leave two items blank. Those instruments have a 50% waste of terms, and do not provide for an efficient response process.

Another unique aspect of this DISC-Index report is that we present the D-I-S-C aspects of behavior both as separate entities and as a dynamic combination of traits. The report presents the first time that each of the D-I-S-C elements are separated and developed as pure entities of themselves. This can serve as an important learning tool as deeper aspects of DISC are explored. Unique pattern of DISC traits is developed through the context of the report. Additionally, there are four pages devoted to exploring DISC scores as separate components within the unique combination of traits the individual exhibits.

Eagle Associates’ InnerMetrix Values Index is unique in the marketplace in that it examines seven independent and unique aspects of value or motivation. Most other values instruments only examine six dimensions of value by combining the Individualistic and Political into one dimension. The Values Index remains true to the original works and models of two of the most significant researchers in this field, thus delivering a profile that truly helps understand the user’s unique motivations and drivers.

Our InnerMetrix AI looks at totally different things than the other two profiles because it falls into a physical science (Axiology) rather than a social science. The difference is that the others look at HOW you behave (an observable trait) and AI looks at WHY you behave that way (a deeper cognitive process at the heart of all individual performance).  Axiology is about decision-making – not behavior. In other words; axiology provides a more in-depth, and comprehensive understanding of what really drives a person’s talent.  The AI provides more attributes than any other profile on the market; it measures 80 unique traits.

Axiological instruments are more accurate.  The AI instrument is much shorter because it doesn’t have to filter out attempts to skew the results, so it gives more accurate information in less time.  Several validation studies show that, AI exceeds 90%, the highest in the industry.  The AI is one of the only profiles on the marketplace created specifically and exclusively for business use.  No other company in the world offers this flexibility, and it is patent pending technology.

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